Primary Processing

    Primary processing for rubber molding machine
    Primary processes such as peeling and rough forming are done here.

    Drills and reamers for rubber processing
    Diversified workpiece processing demands can be met with the well-equipped machines in Chap.

    Automatic machines in rubber molding line
    Complete set of automatic machines allow for high processing efficiency in Chap rubber molding line.

Finish Processing

    Constant temperature room & digital control system
    Chap has employed a computer controlled system for the constant temperature room to guarantee a precise rubber molding effect.

Trial Running

    Trial run for finished rubber molding machines
    The worker is carrying out a test run for the well finished rubber processing devices.

Technical Search

    Rubber molding equipment design
    Chap owns several designers who have accumulated over 10 years' experience in rubber molding industry to support our production.

Quality Control
Cylindricity Testing

    Cylindricity testing for rubber molding device
    The computer controlled instrument is employed to perform cylindricity measurement in Chap.

Three-dimension Testing

    Technical parameter analysis
    One technician is making the final parameter adjustment.

  • Coordinate measuring instrument for quality inspection of rubber molding machine
    After setting up the parameters, the coordinate measuring instrument will conduct quality inspection upon rubber molding devices automatically.

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